Self-appointed master at drawing anthro cats

Artist • hobbyist • she/her • 20 • atheistic satanist • lesbian • Poland • not a furry

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About me

Welcome to my page, I'm young artist from Poland, who draws cat-people and comics. I'm hobbyist, but I'm planning to become an animator in future.
I'm not very social person and I usually don't start conversation, If you want to talk to me, go ahead, but don't expect us to become friends once we start talking.
I draw anthro animals but I don't consider myself as part of furry fandom.
I like rock and metal music, cats, coffee, cartoons, pagan and occult stuff.

Before you follow

My main Twitter accout may contain:
• gore, horror or satanistic themes
• political content
• suggestive stuff or censored nudity
• triggering stuff
I will be tagging common triggers (blood, death etc.) on my arts, but I don't take responsibility for stuff I like or retweet.You follow me on your own risk if you are:
• minor
• religious
• conservative
• anti-political
• easily triggered / have uncommon triggers
I don't care if you follow me just for cute furries and don't want to see politics.
Don't complain, just unfollow/mute/block me. I'm not here to pleasure anyone.


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